First impressions

Hi to anyone on the internet reading this. I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and if you’re not, go do something you love to do because your happiness is the most important thing to me.

You may be thinking: “Why did you choose to start a blog?”

Well…from a young age, I’ve always really enjoyed writing but as someone who can’t stand being told what to do, the rules and word limits surrounding most forms of writing completely put me off. As well as this, as a very visual person, I have always loved taking photos (only on my phone – nothing special) and many selfies too but I found that most of them just stayed on my phone.

I wanted to find a way to share them but Instagram wasn’t the place for me especially because the ‘success’ of your Instagram was based around the number of followers and I didn’t want a number to define me. On top of that, I felt as if Instagram was less accessible to the general public and I wanted my photos and opinions to reach as many people who wanted to see my content.

Finally I landed on the idea of starting a blog and I’ve been thinking about it for the past year or two. So with the support and encouragement from my best friend, we both decided to start our own blogs.

And…here I am!

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Chandra and I’m a girl with a foot in two completely different worlds and, because of that, you might find me very odd. I am of Indian heritage and my beliefs are quite ‘indian’ in that sense but I was born and raised in Australia. This makes me quite an odd blend between the two nationalities.

I know all too well how hard it can be trying to adapt to such a different lifestyle to keep up with many around us and if any of you ever need support in any aspect of you life, hit me up!

– Chan


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