Lux, Luna, Sol

Hi Internet! So to be completely honest with you guys, this week I really haven’t had the time to write a decent post because they do take at least five hours and when you have assignments and exams non-stop, five hours is a lot to spare. On top of that I got extremely sick on Wednesday night so trying to juggle exams, assignments and my battle to try and keep food down was already quite a lot so I’m really sorry for this post being a couple days late and short. However, after already taking about a month off earlier this year, I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging and plus, I’ve wanted to post these somewhere for a really long time.

From a young age I’ve always had an eye for natural beauty and wanting to capture memories so put two and two together I landed at loving photography. Although I may not have an actual camera to take photos on and I just use my iPhone, I’m always taking photos when I see something I know I want to remember.

A particular series, I guess you could call it, are these photos I’ve been taking from my bedroom of the sunrises and sunsets since July 2014. I just find it so fascinating that the same time on different days or even photos only minutes apart can be so different. Obviously the sun would rise and set at different times throughout the year but even days apart, one day the sky could be a vibrant orange and the other, a soft pink. Sunrises bring with them the light of a new day and the ability to form new memories and you never know, one particular sunrise could be the beginning of one of your most remembered days. Sunsets on the other hand, I just find so peaceful. Whether you’ve had a good or bad day, sunsets bring with them a sense of tranquillity and I may just sound a bit crazy but I always just think that as sunsets bring the night to us, they tuck away all the memories of the day. A good day’s memories are glued into your life’s scrapbook and a bad day is washed away with all the others, leaving room for the next day and whatever memories it may bring.

With that being said, I just wanted to post these few photos that I’ve been taking throughout the past couple of years.

– 5:10pm 22 July 2014 –
– 6:11am 25 July 2014 –
Processed with VSCO with s6 preset
– 6:45am 5 August 2014 –
– 7:03am 18 August 2015 –
– 6:33am 4 May 2015 –
Processed with VSCO with s6 preset
– 4:31am 12 November 2015 –
– 5:23am 8 March 2016 –
Processed with VSCO with s6 preset
– 5:51am 18 April 2016 –

In addition to those ones, I also have these photos I’ve just taken from placed around my house or garden.

– 5:38am 9 March 2014 –
– 6:59am 24 July 2014 –
– 5:28am 8 September 2014 –
– 6:19am 17 October 2014 –
– 5:16pm 22 March 2015 –
– 6:13pm 6 November 2015 –
– 6:17pm 6 November 2015 –
– 6:31pm 6 November 2015 –
– 6:05pm 14 November 2015 –
– 6:51pm 27 December 2015 –

I hope you guys liked them!

– Chan



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