A World Of Succulents

Hi Internet!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve sat at this laptop with a true, burning desire to write, and maybe some of you have noticed by my lack of posts. When I first started writing this blog, I wanted to have a bit more consistency in my life and I had a lot of feelings to write about…so I did. As time wore on, I realised that all my sorrowful tales had run out and I didn’t have much else to really write about and this, being what it was – a sanctuary for my thoughts and feelings – I didn’t want to force myself to write.

About a week ago, I found out the Finders Keepers markets were being held and I definitely did not want to miss them again, so I instantly messaged my friend, Josh, and said we had to go.



Before I get into the happenings of the day, let me just say, I caught the bus from a part of the city I had never even seen before and to a bus stop I didn’t know existed, and for anyone who really knows me, they’ll know about my aversion to buses, so they’ll understand how big of a deal this was. Catching the bus there started my day with this incredible enthusiasm that I haven’t felt in a long time. After going inside, money started leaking out of our wallets, slowly but surely. Let’s just say a little more money was spent than maybe should have been (by both of us) but I mean it was all definitely worth it.

I bought two candles and an art piece, all three of which I absolutely love to bits. The first candle I bought was made by two lovely girls called Ash and Casie from Posie and I got one of their amber candles for $20 which I thought was really good value for money because it came in a beautiful jar that I definitely will be reusing after and the scent was just so refreshing.



The second soy candle was from a sweet lady who owns Amber Dawn Candles and it was $40. Even though many of you might think for a candle this was quite expensive, it’s quite large and…they come with earrings! It’s not just that they come with earrings; the earrings are inside the candle! Basically, you just keep burning it until you see the little packet of earrings emerge. In addition to this, the little copper tin the candle was poured into, was so gorgeous and definitely can be reused to hold make up brushes, pens, normal paintbrushes, you name it.



The last, but definitely the item with the most sentimental value to me, was a stunning A4 piece of art done by Damara Sestanovich from core. for $20. It’s an original watercolour and ink pen piece of the lunar phases, which were done in pen, and then a large moon in the middle, done in watercolour. I am always eager to get anything lunar-related because my name means “moon” in Bengali and not only does it make me feel connected to my family and culture but the moon symbolises characteristics that I really would love to reflect in my nature.


Although I did get the things I really wanted to, I also had to leave behind some beautiful terrariums, planters, candles, rings, and prints that I wanted to get but just didn’t have the money for. Although I may not have been able to purchase their products, I did get to talk to some incredible people who were just so genuine and really made my morning. I took their cards so I could follow them on social media and keep in touch next time they were set up at a market. My favourite conversation had to be with one of the guys from MANPLANTS. Josh and I were talking to him about the planters they made and I was saying how much I really wanted to buy one but I couldn’t because I didn’t have enough money (and had already spent too much) and he asked me if I had succulents. Sadly, I said “no” (not counting Gammy the GAMSAT succulent who definitely suffered alongside me through semester and may be close to his death) and then he carefully twisted off one of the succulent leaves that they had in the planters and gave it to me and said that I could repot it and it would grow into its own plant! I know, to many people, receiving a succulent leaf may not have any significance but it was just the generosity he showed me that reminded the introverted side of me that meeting new people can actually bring so much happiness.


There were also fantastic terrariums made by a lovely girl called Isabelle Cameron from Terrariums by Bella and it really took all the self-control I have not to buy one of the amethyst or rose quartz planters they had. Just looking into the terrariums I could imagine little pixies and fairies living inside and under toadstools.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

If you’re interested in any of the things I bought, or talked about, I’ve linked them all so you can check them out and maybe give them a follow because supporting our local  businesses is always a nice thing to do. There were two other independent craft makers who I also loved talking to and looking at their products so check them too out if you get a chance:

Keep tuned for a post on Friday!

– Chan


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